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Law School Receives Honors in Law on Street Competition

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On November 15, two teams from Tianjin university’s Law school went to Shanghai to participate in the 2019 Law on Street competition organized by the UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) in collaboration with Detons Law Firm (Shanghai). Under the guidance of Doctor Mengsha Yang and Doctor Sixuan Lu, the team Starlight of Justice and team Flashlight achieved excellent results.


Yitong Sun, Jia Niu and Changyang Wang are members of the Starlight of Justice team. They tried their best to promote the legal-aid service at Tianjin’s Nankai District and organized several franco-prussian lectures. With the support of the law school, they went into communities, worked in close contact with the elderly and distributed promotional manuals. Yitong Sun said, “We are so happy that we excelled in more than 30 components and became the Final Four. Through this project, we hope to help the elderly live a better life.”

From the perspective of students and parents, Lanyi Qiu, Xiaoxi Jin and Yifan Wang from the Flashlight team which received the Viewers’ Choice award tried to prevent school bullying through scenario simulation and consecutive conversations. Meanwhile, they paid attention to the victim’s legal and psychological appeals. They designed several methods to avoid secondary harm to the youth and aimed to help victims move forward.

In the course of competition preparation, Coach Yang made a detailed schedule and gave the contestants quite a few enlightening suggestions, which greatly contributed to the implement of the proposals. At the same time, Coach Lu led the team to present in Shanghai and put forward many valuable suggestions, which led to their outstanding performance in the final.

The 2019 Law on Street competition was open to law students from all the universities in China, and aims to encourage law students to help the disadvantaged in society with their legal knowledge by offering free legal consultancy.

Starlight of Justiceteam and their project pamphlet

The Flashlight team wins theViewers’ Choice award and their projectpamphlet

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