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Law Education Innovation Alliance Established at TJU

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On June 17, Tianjin University held the first Conference on Innovation of Law Education in China's Universities and released the Proposal for Establishing Law Education Innovation Alliance, marking the official establishment of China’s Law Education Innovation Alliance under the guidance of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education initiated the Six Excellence & One Top Plan 2.0 to push ahead the construction of emerging engineering, medical, agricultural science and literature. Taking emerging literature construction as the new starting point, law education experts reached a consensus that law education in universities should pay more attention to the urgent needs of the society and face up to the major challenges of the times.

The alliance composed of several domestic renowned law schools will try to respond to widely concerned issues such as how law education should evolve to cope with the profound social changes brought by new technology revolution and how to help the country to have a bigger say in international communities.

“Tianjin University’s Law School will fully support the running of the alliance and together with our partners be completely dedicated to building the alliance into a platform where all law schools and institutes can share innovative experience of law education reform,” said Prof. Sun Youhai, Dean of Tianjin University’s Law School. “Tianjin University used to be the forerunner of China’s law education. It’s our mission to build the world’s first-class law discipline and push forward the country’s law education.”

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